The Most Highly Engaged Audience in the Industry

Fine Homebuilding reaches the industry’s most highly engaged audiences and who share a passion for building at the highest skill-set level and quality. The builders, architects, readers and visitors who comprise our audience are the key decision-makers and General Contractors on a project. They're also peer-influencers and action-takers. They look to Fine Homebuilding for education and for innovative, practical, and solution-oriented features that they can take with them directly to the job site.

Fine Homebuilding Audience Demographics:

  • Male/Female ratio: 95% / 5%
  • Average Age: 57
  • Average HHI: $138,300
  • College Degree or Higher: 92%
  • Remodeler Contractors: 56%
  • Custom Builders: 45%
  • General Contractors: 45%
  • Architects: 11%

Based on all major brand indicators (print circulation, web traffic, eLetter universe) Fine Homebuilding reaches double the population that our competitors do.

With a total brand universe of 1.6 million in both print and online, Fine Homebuilding reaches the largest audience of pro and "pro-like" consumers in the industry. Fine Homebuilding,, and GreenBuildingAdvisor are their go-to resources for professional information and building inspiration.

Reach the most highly-engaged audience in the industry:

  • Average read time/issue = 2.5 hours
  • 79% made purchases based on ads in Fine Homebuilding

Our Affluent Pros: America’s top builders—architects, contractors, carpenters, remodelers, designers, they’re hands-on doers and decision makers who are serious about home building.

Our "Pro-Like" Consumers: Educated, affluent, influential and forward-looking, they have the means to build quality homes, a desire for professional results, and an eye for meticulous detail.