Fine Homebuilding SIP #59 (Remodeling & Additions)

Here's what's inside:

This special collection features our best start to finish renovation projects, with scopes ranging from a single room to a whole house, simple to complex. Inside, you will learn design tips for reconfiguring your floorplan and matching the layout of the house to the way you actually live, and also the pro advice on how to tackle the remodeling work to fulfill those dreams. We’ll guide you through demolition, rough framing, insulation, drywall, fixtures and finishes, and more.

Key dates:

  • Close date: 02/01/19
  • Materials due: 02/08/19
  • On-sale date: 04/02/19

To find out more:

    For more details, contact the Fine Homebuilding Ad Sales Team at 800-309-8953, or email us at