Fine Homebuilding Issue #311 (November 2022)

Here's what's inside:

  • Trusses save time and money
  • Get Better at Taping Drywall: A remodelers guide
  • Install leak-free and airtight exterior doors every time
  • How to choose the right cordless battery platform for you
  • The best options for warm floors in bathrooms
  • Durability is the overlooked key to a green home
  • Tackling the most important issues in home building
  • FHB Interview: The future of our homes

Key dates:

  • Close date: 08/26/22
  • Materials due: 09/02/22
  • On-sale date: 10/12/22

To find out more:

    For more details, contact the Fine Homebuilding Ad Sales Team at 800-309-8953, or email us at