Podcast Sponsorship

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The Fine Homebuilding Podcast dives into topics from the front lines every week with informal, but rigorous conversation around home building best practices, construction tips, and advice.


  • One (1) Podcast Per Week (4 podcasts for 1 month sponsorship)
  • Engaging, audience-submitted topics (45-60 min.)
  • In-content, 30 second live-read audio commercial (4 in-reads total)
  • 300x250 and 728x90 ads on podcast pages
  • Avg. 35,000- 40,000+ downloads per month
  • Estimated 200,000 podcast promotional impressions


  • Promoted through Fine Homebuilding Digital Channels
  • FineHomebuilding.com
  • Social Media [x1]
  • FHB Weekly eLetter [x1]