Fine Homebuilding SIP #69 (Home Design Inspiration)

Here's what's inside:

We live in a great time for people who love homes. Just about any style can be adapted to work in your climate and location. All the materials you need for a great looking and durable home are available right down the road. However, style can easily go wrong. Attractive houses sometimes aren’t so comfortable to live in. This Best of Fine Homebuilding issue is meant to keep you from making those mistakes with expert advice from the best designers and builders in the country and inspiring examples of their work to help you get your project off to a great start.

Key dates:

  • Close date: 12/17/21
  • Materials due: 12/24/21
  • On-sale date: 02/15/22

To find out more:

    For more details, contact the Fine Homebuilding Ad Sales Team at 800-309-8953, or email us at